Our Story

In 2015, approximately 235,000 people were deported from the United States. Those deported back to Mexico are released in major border towns, such as Tijuana and Mexicali. 

Often, immigrants find themselves without food, money, or shelter in a city they do not know. Fortunately, shelters have opened up in these cities to provide humanitarian aid to immigrants.

In many cases, deported immigrants are trying to get back to their city of origin. Unfortunately, starting out alone and with nothing means that these people are stuck until they are able to save enough money for a bus ticket home. 

Co-founded by brother-sister duo, Isela and JP Aguirre, Two & Twenty Company has been a way of helping people help those in need. As a company founded by Mexican immigrants, we feel a responsibility to give back and help those in need. 

Since our inception, Two & Twenty Company has pledged 10% of sales to aid deported immigrants find their way back home. Every pair of huaraches sold helps us raise funds that are used to purchase bus tickets for deportees to get back home to their families.

Our business, like all others, aims to make money. However, we go beyond that and strive to have a positive social impact. These two goals are equally important to us. 

Two & Twenty Company aims to be a business that makes money and makes difference.